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«After studying in her classes, my path took a different direction.»

Stina Werenfels about
her own most inspiring teacher

> Remembering Marketa

«Am Toten Mann» – Opera collage
with 6 singers and 3 musicians


Since 2011, I’ve been teaching directing and film acting at the Zurich University of the Arts in the fields of film, music & theatre. I also mentor projects.

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Accademia Teatro Dimitri/SUPSI

At the Accademia Dimitri in Verscio (Ticino), I teach «Stage Craft» in the Master’s Program.

Head: Anna Gromanovà

> www.accademiadimitri.ch

«The way you shoot
is close
to finding poetry and beauty in life.
It opened my eyes.»

Leonardo Gaipa, Accademia Dimitri

Swiss Pavilion Expo 2021, Dubai

In collaboration with the students of the Accademia Dimitri, we realised 11 short films on  the United Nations’ «Sustainable Development Goals» (SDG).

Project lead: Emmanuel Pouilly – Director: Stina Werenfels – Camera: Riccardo de Giacomi – Editing: Ian Oggenfuss

Head: Corinna Vitale

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Comédie de Genève

Public Masterclass: Theatre and cinema, cross-over games

In collaboration with HEAD – Geneva, the Comédie de Genéve Theatre offered an exceptional public masterclass on acting on 18 May 2019: one and the same scene from Tennessee Williams’ «Glass Menagerie» was worked on by both, me as film director and with theatre director Alexandre Doublet. The panel discussion that followed reflected on different approaches in film and on stage. The cameraman and ZHdK professor Pierre Mennel filmed the project and recorded his conversation with us.

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> Video