Each of us

Fiction Drama, 115 Min.

1945, Ravensbrück. One hundred thousand women from 42 different nationalities coexist in the only all-women concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

This is the story of four of them: Gertrud, a German petty criminal who is promoted to overseer, who slips further and further into brutality in order to stay alive and protect her daughter in the camp. Leah, a Jewish medicine student, survives using her individual value as a nurse, staying in the shadows and expressing herself through hidden art. Aga is a “rabbit” – one of the Polish women who suffer sadistic experiments by the SS doctors. Despite being one of the most vulnerable ones, she finds the courage to stand up. And finally, Mar – a Catalan communist committed to resistance and sabotage who has to take care of a child whose mother was killed by the SS, finding herself torn between responsibilities. How to retain humanity in this extreme situation is the question that each of them will answer in their own way.


Title: Each of Us
Languages: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Catalan
Genre: Fiction drama
Running time: 115 min

Directed by: Neus Ballús (Spain), Stina Werenfels (Switzerland), Anne Zohra Berrached (Germany), Anna Jadowska (Poland)

Written by: Mirjam Ziegler (Germany), Eva Pauné (Spain)

Produced by: Alhena Production (Spain), Hesse Films (Switzerland), Bon Voyage Film (Germany), Film Kraków Spółka (Poland)

Supported by: Televisión Española, Televisió de Catalunya, Fondo para el Desarrollo Programa Media – Europa Creativa, Fondo para el Desarrollo Claims Conference, Berlinale Talents Project Market, Les Arcs Co-Production Village, Sources2 Screenwriting Development Workshop, L’Alternativa Mentoring Projects

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