Fiction, CH, 90 Min.

The translator EMMA (48) is the single mother of 11-year-old blind Olivia. The girl is about to enter a special boarding school. But Emma fears the separation and delays it. She decides to take her daughter to the favorite place of her childhood. To the Aletsch Glacier, the longest and most beautiful in the Alps.

Arriving at the guesthouse, Emma looks at the glacier without recognizing it: It has retreated so far that easy access to the ice is no longer possible. Olivia senses that her mother is completely upset. Emma, in shock, tries to hide the truth from Olivia. How is she supposed to keep her promise to touch the ice together with her daughter?

The Aletsch Glacier,
in summer 2022


On the panoramic terrace of the pension above the Aletsch glacier, a film crew is preparing to shoot a fiction film. The director BIANCA (35) and her cameraman PAWEL (70) are looking for a motif for a romantic love story. But they have to realize that the motive is about to melt away before their eyes. The PRODUCER suggests shooting the film virtually in the studio. But Bianca begins to doubt everything. The glacier is not immortal and raises new questions: does it make any sense to shoot a romance in the face of a world that is falling apart?

That’s me on the Aletsch Glacier,
in the summer of 1978

White plastic cover as melting protection