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Aletsch / The Glacier
Fiction, 90 min.

Emma wants to show her blind daughter Olivia the Aletsch Glacier. The mother wants to return to the place of her fondest childhood memories. But the Aletsch refuses: it has retreated and is dying.

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Each of Us
Fiction, 115 min.

Directors: Neus Ballús (Spain), Stina Werenfels (Switzerland), Anne Zohra Berrached (Germany), Anna Jadowska (Poland)

This is the story of four women in the women’s concentration camp of Ravensbrück: Gertrud, a German petty criminal; Leah, a Jewish doctor; Aga, a Polish woman who suffer sadistic experiments by the SS doctors; and Mar, a Catalan communist. How can they retain their humanity in this extreme situation?

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Frisch, née Krakowska
Documentary – Essay, 90 min.

Motherlines – How can anger at the silent mother turn into love ? My path led through the mother of the mother and to her fate. This is how I learned how the Polish Jewess Klara Krakowska lost her identity – and how Max Frisch found his.

Documentary, 90 min.

The outstanding reputation of the Schauspielhaus Zurich is based on artists in exile during the Nazi era, such as Brecht and Giese. It became a centre of cultural resistance against fascism in Europe. After the war, the theatre established itself with Frisch and Dürrenmatt and modern American authors. It was forgotten that this was thanks to a German Jew: Kurt Hirschfeld.

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