Stina Werenfels

filmmaker, author and producer

«I love splendidly
cherry tree branches,
broken off
in their whole length,
into a jug.»

Sei Shonagon

Aletsch – The Glacier

Fiction, 90 min.

In development

In my latest fiction film project I put my attention to climate change. With my protagonists I’m travelling to an important place of my childhood: the Aletsch Glacier.

Its fading presence, its melting and groaning trigger strong feelings. Love, sadness, insecurity…

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«Movie of my Life»
Happy Birthday, Locarno, Piazza Grande, 2017

Berlinale 2015, Panorama
Dora or The sexual Neuroses of Our Parents

A Life – Annie Ernaux

Theatre, 120 min.
9/14/23 – 01/05/24
Bühnen Bern

Based on the texts The Years, A Girl’s Story, Happening and The Young Man by Annie Ernaux

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Bilder: Annette Boutellier


The desire to understand my mother lead me to Lodz and to a little girl with a doll in her arms: Klara. Youngest child of thirteen of a jewish family in Poland.

She became a subject of my life:

> Frisch, geborene Krakowska