«A virtuos game about lies and truth and about the price of every human relationship after it no longer has any value.»

Christina Bylow, Berliner Zeitung

2006, Fiction, CH, 98 Min.
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Investment banker HP has allegedly ridden out the crash of the stock exchange. One evening, at a barbecue event with his banker friends and their wives, HP’s Danish au-pair threatens to blow the whistle on her love affair with HP’s married boss. HP wants to please everybody. But the next morning, he has lost everything: his house, his wife, his friends, and his job…

NACHBEBEN (GOING PRIVATE) is an intimate play which examines how neo-liberal principals force their way into the most private of spheres, namely those of the family and of friendships. NACHBEBEN (GOING PRIVATE) is a film about men that have been trained to poker, spy and speculate in an economic world. It is also a film about women that are expected to accept this but in the end decide not to.

It is astonishing to note that although banks and large corporations represent the largest employment sector of modern-day Switzerland, NACHBEBEN (GOING PRIVATE) is the first Swiss film which deals in depth with the people of this socio-economic environment. And although affluence and materialism appear to be ubiquitous in Switzerland, no national film to date has illustrated the human price which these traits ultimately demand.


Making of

Schweizer Filmpreis 2007: Nominationen für «Bestes Drehbuch», «Beste Hauptrolle», «Beste Nebenrolle»
Schweizer Filmpreis 2007: Spezialpreis der Jury für «Beste Ensemble-Arbeit»
EuropaCinema, Viareggio 2006, Grand Prix: «Bester Film»
The European Independent Film Festival, ECU Paris, 2006: «Bester Spielfilm»
Filmkunst-Fest Schwerin 2006, NDR-Regiepreis: «Bester Film»
Zürcher Filmpreis, 2006

Year: 2006
Country: CH
Running time: 98 Min.
Director: Stina Werenfels
Authors: Petra Lüschow, Stina Werenfels
Producers: Karin Koch, Samir
Co-Producers: SF DRS, Teleclub
Camera: Piotr Jaxa
Editor: Isabel Meier
Sound: Luc Yersin
Music: Winfried Grabe
Gaffer: Oliver Kunz
Costumes: Monika Görner-Vogt
Make-up: Bea Petri
Set Designer: Nicolas Imhoff
Production Manager: Olivia Oeschger
Cast: Michael Neuenschwander, Bettina Stucky, Susanne-Marie Wrage, Georg Scharegg, Leonardo Nigro, Mikky Levy (Max), Olivia Frolich (Birthe), Selma Jamal Aldin (Eva)

Weltpremière: Berlinale, 2006
Solothurner Filmtage, 2006
Flanders International Film Festival Ghent, 2006
Copenhagen International Film Festival, 2006
International Film Festival Locarno, 2006
Festival des films du monde Montreal, 2006
Mill Valley Film Festival, 2006
World Film Festival Belo Horizonte, 2006
Alexandria International Film Festival, 2006
Brisbane International Film Festival, 2006
Internationales Filmfest Emden, 2006
FilmKunstFest Schwerin, 2006
Flying Broom Film Festival Ankara, 2006
Bird’s Eye View London, 2006
Festroia International Film Festival Setubal, 2006
17. Kinofest Lünen, 2006
12th Berlin & Beyond FF San Francisco, 2007
30st Göteborg FF, 2007
6th Tiburon IFF, 2007
Damaskus International Filmfestival, 2008
7th Tofifest IFF, 2009