Meier Marilyn


Year: 2003
Country: CH
Running time: 85 Min.
Director: Stina Werenfels
Authors: Eva Vitija , Petra Volpe
Producer: Dschoint Ventschr
Executive Producer: Susann Rüdlinger
Co-Producer: SF DRS
Camera: Eeva Fleig
Editor: Markus Welter
Sound: Hugo Poletti
Music: Corin Curschellas,
Domenico Ferrari
Gaffer: Ernst Brunner
Costumes: Regula Marthaler
Make-up: Simone Pfluger
Set Designer: Monika Bregger
Production Manager: Christof Stillhard
Production Assistant: Christine Wiederkehr
Cast: Bettina Stucky, Stefan Kurt, Pablo Aguilar, Max Rüdlinger, Sibylle Courvoisier, Ursula Andermatt, Thomas Rohner, Susanne Kunz, Tamara Sedmak, Sebastian Krähenbühl, Tobi Müller, Paloma

2003, Fiction, CH, 85 min.
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Marilyn Meier (Bettina Stucky) is having a hard time. Her hair salon lacks customers and Adrian Bruppacher (Max Rüdlinger), head of the local council and Marilyn’s lover, has been promising to get divorced from his wife for the past two years without doing anything about it.

Instead, Marilyn’s employee, Hans Georg (Stefan Kurt), proposes to her out of the blue: he would like to work with Marilyn to turn the business around. But a life full of everyday hairstyles somehow doesn’t seem like a particularly thrilling prospect either.

Occasionally, unhappiness drives Marilyn to drink. Adrian’s birthday, which he celebrates with his family in the village pub, is just such an occasion. Marilyn, unsolicited, sings a heartfelt serenade for her lover. Adrian is embarrassed, but his brother-in-law, the music producer Chaspar Senn, is thrilled.

The Turkish waiter Halil (Pablo Aguilar) has noticed Marilyn’s voice as well. Much to Adrian’s dismay the two start rehearsing together. Their aim is to appear on the famous pop show «Music with Heart».

Beste Hauptrolle (Bettina Stucky), Schweizer Filmpreis 2004

Festival Cinéma tous écrans Genève, 2003
Solothurner Filmtage, 2004
Biarritz International Film Festival, 2004
Swiss American Film Festival New York, 2004
Zlin Festival for Children an Youth, 2005