Fragments from
the Lower East Side

1994, Documentary, CH, 24 Min.

What does a Hasidic rabbi think about the women’s movement? How does a born Christian woman who converted to Judaism feel in the women’s compartment of a synagogue? How does an Orthodox man, attracted by modern life, deal with Jewish law? With much wit and tenderness, but also with seriousness, the film provides a tongue-in-cheek look under the black clothing and traditional hairstyle of the Hasidim.

Year: 1994
Country: CH
Running time: 24 Min.
Director: Stina Werenfels
Author: Stina Werenfels
Producer: Aleppo Films GmbH
Camera: Zak Othmar, Jason Snyder, Shinako Sudo, Elisa Blatteis
Editor: Angela Zorzi
Sound: Joshua Brown
Music: The Barry Sisters, Ed Goldsmith
Cast: Rabbi Meshulm Rottenberg, Nedivah Rottenberg, Joseph Jacobsohn, Berisch Welz, Rudolf Schachne, and the members of congregation, Beth Yitzchok

Förderpreis, Freiburger Videoforum, 1994
Best Swiss Video, VIPER-Luzern, 1994
Golden Gate Awards, Certificate of Merit Winner in Sociology US, San Francisco Int. Film Festival, 1995

Freiburger Videoforum, 1994
37. Int. Leipziger Festival, 1994
VIPER Luzern, 1994
Strasbourg Rencontres européennes du cinéma, 1995
San Francisco International Film Festival, 1995
Filmfestival Potsdam, 1995
25th Kiev Int. Film Festival, 1995
Graz Festival des österreichischen Films, 1995